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Dr. Aaron D. Rucker

Background and Education:

I'm Dr. Aaron D. Rucker. I've been the proud principal of William H. Ryder Math and Science since March 2013. I am a lifelong instrument of God, a career civil servant, an educational leader, and a natural dreamer. I have successfully retired from the United States Military and the Chicago Police Department.  



As a 20-year commander in the United States Army, I was a member of the elite Special Forces Airborne Green Berets. As a 20-year Chicago Police Officer, I served as Tactical Officer, CAPS Officer, Gang Team Lead, Central Detention Acting Sergeant and Senior Headquarters Security Officer. 



I began my educational career as a special education teacher; I was then director of Special Services before I was selected as the Principal of William H. Ryder Math and Science. I am a devoted family man, and I love my Ryder Rams!


Educationally, I have earned four Master's Degrees from St. Norbert College, Richmond University London England, University IL Chicago, DePaul University, Concordia University, and a Doctorate from Seton Hall University, New Jersey.


As a Principal, it is my mission to provide every student and staff member with a safe, supportive learning environment. It is my goal to present every student and staff member the resources needed to develop personally and professional., and produce an environment were students evolve into well rounded intelligent scholars that will positively change the world.



My philosophy in education is that learning can be fun. School is a marriage between parents and staff members, and every child has unique talents that deserve compassionate, committed educators to stimulate the educational process. Ryder is a special place, and I'm confident that students and staff will not only make our community better, but I believe together we will improve the world.


Rucker's favorite sayings:

  • A Fish wouldn't get caught if it didn't open its mouth.
  • If you don't walk in alleys, you won't step in the mess.
  • There is no "I" in TEAM, but it is an "I" in Instruction Leader.
  • Teamwork makes DreamWorks
  • The bond that links your true Family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other's life."
  • Friends and Family may begin the same letter, but only one ends in why .
  • Nobody likes change, but a baby.
  • Why fear change, change is nothing more than an opportunity to get better.