Primary Cluster

Welcome Back Parents, Guardians, and Visitors!
My name is Shermeka Kellum. I am the Primary, K-2 Cluster teacher in Room 102. I have been a Special Education teacher for 12 years, I have taught at Ryder for  9 years.
Learning in my classroom encompassess both academic and adaptive skills acquired through direct, whole group, small group, and multisensory instruction for our diverse learners. Prior to teaching special education, I taught Headstart/Preschool for 5 years. I especially enjoy working with younger children as they never present a dull moment and they keep me on my toes!
Please note that I cannot do this work alone, this year my students and I will be supported by Ms. Suzette McNeal, Ms. Vivian Wallace, and Mr. David Parkerson our wonderful Special Education Classroom Assistants better known as