Ryder Summer Camp

In connection with getting our student back in the mode of coming to school in person, we at Ryder are having a Ryder Summer Camp. Below is the Google Form for you to sign up your student to participate.
Program Details:
  • Dates: July 6- August 5
  • Day of The Week: Monday - Thursday
  • Time: 9 A.M - 1 P.M.
  • Gade Level: K-8th 
This program has been created so that students can have fun and to get used to being in the school building. Remember, there are a limited amount of seats available for students. We have many things planned for the students so Sign Up Now. If you have any questions, Please contact Mr. Pinkston (mmpinkston1@cps.edu).
https://forms.gle/ryovB2cwqWQzbxzB6 Source: Ryder Summer Camp Club Student Sign Up