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Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide rigorous data drive instruction to every student regardless of disability. We want to promote the physical, social, emotional and academic development of students and prepare them to become successful scholars, leaders and responsible members of society. The pillars of our learning community are academic excellence, leadership development and social responsibility. We offer a rigorous, engaging curriculum that is aligned with Common Core State Standards, National Learning Standards and Illinois Learning Standards. Instruction, learning materials and assessments are differentiated to meet students’ unique, individual needs. We approach education from a holistic perspective and offer a vast array of programs, services, resources and supports to address every element that has potential to impact a student’s ability to excel in school. Every student has numerous opportunities to develop leadership skills. All students are given civic responsibilities and are expected to exhibit good character.


Ryder Math and Science School is an institution determined to produce leaders in society. We want to develop the hearts and minds of our students in such a manner that their impact will be positively felt not only in the community but in the world. We envision our students to be recognized by robust intellect, behavior and character.