September Suicide Prevention Month

Ryder Community,
 I want to let you all know that September is Suicide Prevention Month. The goal of the month is to provide information around how to help support each other to prevent suicide from occurring. Currently, suicide is the second leading cause of death from people ages 10 to 34 in the USA. Throughout the month, I will send out information that I hope will be helpful and relevant for you all to think and talk about within the community.
Suicide and self-harm are preventable mental health crises. We can be proactive by recognizing expressions of someone who is in distress.  A few types of warning signs are: someone expressing feelings of being trapped--like there is no way out, someone expressing hopelessness or stating there is no reason to live, someone withdrawing from family, friends, or activities that are normally enjoyed, or someone talking or threatening to hurt or kill themselves. Remember, these are just a few signs that people may need support.
If you notice someone is showing signs that they need help or are in pain, realize that you do not have to solve the issue, but you can be supportive. Things you can to to help others: Listen and let someone express their concerns, be non-judgmental and don't criticize or minimize their feelings, avoid "why" questions and strive for "what" questions (What can I do to help instead of why are you feeling that way), do not attempt to diagnosis someone, work to connect them to resources in the community, and realize that you are a support person but you are not trying to fix them. 
If you are worried about someone, say something. Talk with your parents; talk with a counselor or trusted adult. Remember, you could save someone's life.