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A message from the Physical Education teacher!

Date: March 25, 2020



Dear Parents/ Legal Guardians,


Hello my name is Ms. Goldston and this is my first year at Ryder Elementary (2019-20 school year) as the Physical Education and Health teacher.  I am currently in my 10th year of teaching and I look forward to many more here at Ryder Elementary. I have a Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Science and Education from Chicago State University with certifications in teaching grades K-12. I have taught Science, Physical Education, Health and Drivers Education. I am currently pursuing a PhD in Post-Secondary and Adult Education and I am a mother of 3 beautiful children.


I am here to support with any questions or concerns you may have during this challenging time. I am only a phone call or email away. As we journey through this experience together your child/children will be exposed to several new activities and challenges that will lead them on the road to lifetime fitness. The units we have covered involve cardiovascular (heart health) fitness/endurance, health/wellness, and sport related fitness. Students have received homework, assessments, tests, journal writing assignments, and reflections. Students are also responsible for creating a portfolio (folder) that will show case all their work in the P.E. class throughout the school year.


Upon return the students will engage in a Hockey unit. Before our departure the students learned about Soccer and Basketball. I have high expectations for all students, and I promise to continuously work with the students to raise their capacity and endurance levels. “My Goal” as a professional (P.E. instructor) is to inform parents and students about the importance of being healthy and staying fit through the entire life span. I will be uploading resources and materials students can utilize electronically while classes are not in session.


If you have comments, questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at: Ryder Elementary School (773) 535-3843 or via email at: [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you and possibly meeting you all very soon.



Thank you for allowing this experience and I won't let you down!








Ryder Elementary School

Physical Education teacher

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